Published in: UK, US, India, Japan, Italy.
To be published in: China, Russia, South Korea, Poland.
Audio edition in the US and Kindle edition are available.


Published in: UK, India.
To be published in: China, Japan, South Korea.
Kindle edition is available.


Weirdest Maths is coming out in 2020.
To be published in: UK, China, South Korea.
Kindle edition will be available.



Weird Maths, the first book in the Weird Maths trilogy, was first published in March 2018 by Oneworld (London) and has since been published in the US (Basic Books), India (HarperCollins India), and in numerous foreign editions.

Chapters : The Maths Behind the World; How to See in 4D; Chance is a Fine Thing; Patterns at the Brink of Chaos; Turing’s Fantastic Machine; Music of the Spheres; Prime Mysteries; Can Chess Be Solved?; What Is and What Should Never Be; You Can’t Get There from Here; The Biggest Number of All; Bend it, Stretch it, Any Way You Want to; God, Gödel, and the Search for Proof

Join us on strange encounters with infinity, randomness, and higher dimensions. Delve into the maths of music, games, and bizarre shapes. Journey to the outer reaches of philosophical speculation about the very nature of mathematics. Weird Maths is written to inspire first-time voyagers and seasoned explorers alike.


Weirder Maths continues the quest to explore the most curious and fascinating corners of the extraordinary world of mathematics. Published by Oneworld in July 2019, Weirder Maths has also been published separately in India.

Chapters : Get Out of That; At the Vanishing Point; Seven Numbers That Rule the Universe; Through the Looking-Glass; Maths for Art’s Sake; Beyond the Imaginary; Tilings: Plain, Fancy, and Downright Peculiar; Weird Mathematicians; In the Realm of the Quantum, Bubbles, Double Bubbles, and Bubble Troubles; Just for the Fun of It; Shapes Weird and Wonderful; The Great Unknowns; Could Maths Be Any Different?

We get lost, but find our way out of, mazes. We follow a mathematical Alice into the looking-glass world of symmetry. We venture infinitely close to zero and into the realm of the imaginary. Fabulous tilings, eccentric mathematicians, and strange thoughts about bubbles, quantum lands, and alien maths are encountered along the way. Could it possibly get any weirder?



David has a PhD in astronomy from the University of Manchester. For the past 35 years he has been a freelance science writer and is the author of nearly 50 books on subjects such as cosmology, physics, philosophy, and mathematics. His website, The Worlds of David Darling,, has been a widely used online resource for the past 20 years. He also tutors students in maths and physics and this is how he first met the 13-year-old Agnijo.


Agnijo was born in Kolkata, India, but has spent most of his life in Scotland. His extraordinary mathematical talents were recognised at an early age. In 2018 he came joint first in the International Mathematical Olympiad, recording a perfect score and affirming his status as one of the world’s most outstanding young mathematicians. He is now continuing his studies at Trinity College, Cambridge.


"A glorious trip…reveling in the sheer joy of the unexpected."

"A weird but truly wonderful read."

"Captivating…Read this book and soar."

"A grand tour of the most exotic locations in the mathematical universe"

"An inspired collaboration"

Wonderful stuff. Already awaiting "Even Weirder Maths"